Sr. Product Marketing Manager


I am currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager who leads the Marketing Department at internet marketing software firm, My scope of work includes managing the content marketing and communication strategy, guiding the development of our visual branding and identity, and project management of our updated product interface (coming soon!).


Consumer + Reseller

Since 1998, I  have been buying and re-selling apparel and accessories through Ebay. Recently I have added new marketplaces to the mix such as  TheRealReal, Poshmark, Mercari and Instagram.  I integrate this with my Wordpress site Diamond in the Scuff,  which has become a place for me to experiment with content generation, affiliate marketing and blogging. I also make a couple bucks on the side. 

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Artist + Designer

The older I get, the more curious and inspired I become. I enjoy actively engaging in creative projects that involve my hands and the right side of my brain. I paint, draw, take photographs and assign myself graphic design projects on a regular basis.

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I use analogies daily, have a propensity to over-share, and live a balanced life but rarely separate work and life.