Merchandising + Brand Support  

I successfully recruited for and enhanced the assortment of Beauty, Bath & Body, Baby & Kids and helped eliminate low-performers. Immediately upon arrival, I initiated a new digitized review process and proposed updated product review criteria including on-site search frequency, google keyword popularity and current level of saturation within the marketplace . Improved lowest performing (almost dormant) category by 5% within first three  months of employment. Accelerated Bed, Bath & Beauty to second highest performing category site-wide and utilized marketing to spark growth by integrating product placements into email, on the homepage, content and social media. I was also responsible for sourcing the highest selling gift item for holiday 2014, the Kombucha Brewing Kit.   

Much of this role crosses over into brand support and management, as many of our vendors are new to market and eager to build awareness. While I worked with over 100 brands, most notably, I helped an existing high-end European skincare brand launch in the US exclusively through the Abe's Market marketplace. I worked with key influencers and internal marketing programs to build brand awareness and a reach a relevant customer base. I secured coverage from  bloggers through our affiliate network and worked closely with our creative team to design on-brand assets and messaging. 

In Fall 2014, I also became a key manager and merchandiser for the “Try for $2” sampling program. I am the leading recruiter for brand participation and  most successful in solidifying repeat participation. Through this program and strategic marketing, I was able to propel a new-to-market brand into a top 50 performer within 6 months. 


Content + Marketing 

After bringing in brands to the marketplace, I become their key contact for all marketing and promotional campaigns. Due to my background and marketing-minded approach to merchandising, I have assumed the role of marketing liaison for all brand advisors.   Based on the outlined goals and objectives of the brands, I assist the design team with creative marketing concepts to feature on social and in  email campaigns. As part of this process, I serve as an internal source for product styling and photography.   

Additionally, I have written original product-focused content for our online magazine and social properties to increase conversion, engagement and support SEO goals.

  • Read a selection of examples here.   
  • See example product styling here. 


PR Support

I serve as the internal team lead to facilitate with any merchandising coordination as it relates to PR and media opportunities. This includes traveling to local appearances and assisting CRO with set up and gathering product information.